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Beijing ForceCon Yuantong Technology ("ForceCon" for short) is a product and service p北京pk拾计划员并且成功了。乾道元宝rovider of solutions of the manufacturing industry and Internet as well as relevant industrial software. Our rich product lines form a complete industrial Internet system architecture, which mainly include such series products as HMI/SCADA automation software, enterprise-level real-time and historical database, industrial energy management information platform, enterprise MES management platform, industrial Internet of Things platform, mobile smart monitoring platform, smart optimization and industrial control information safety in the industrial software field to provide users with industrial hardware and software platform services and industrial solutions from automation to informatization. Smart control covering production monitoring and management, digital workshop, smart factory and group decision of different industries has been practiced and applied in many industrial fields such as smart factory, oil-gas production, public utilities, industrial energy control and wisdom park, which assists enterprises' innovation from smart production to operation management. ForceCon fuels the Internet+ industrial model upgrading to serve China's smart manufacturing 2025.

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